Till students meet Cool Calvin 

Elementary students spend their first day of school learning how to say no to gangs.

September 14, 2009

At Emmett Till Academy elementary school the first day of classes brought new teachers, new classmates, and many new lessons, some in the form of a 44-page book.

During an assembly last Tuesday morning, students were introduced to “Cool Calvin’s No Bandanas for me, Staying Gang Free," a children's novel written by Ralph Burgess. The author read passages from the book and talked with students about the importance of staying focused on education.

The objective of the event was to teach students about the dangers that are associated with participating in gang-related activities.
The book showed students that children who break the rules now quite often become adults who break laws. And that being in a gang significantly decreases their chance of graduating from high school and seeing their professional and personal dreams come true.

Emmett Till Academy has more than 200 Cool Calvin books in its library for students to check out at anytime. A select group of students also got a chance to hear and meet the author, and get an autographed book. 

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