Monitoring your child’s health 

Learn how CPS is preparing for the cold and flu season; watch students demonstrate how to avoid spreading germs.

Here's a  quick look at how the District and the community is monitoring the H1N1 virus and what you can do to stay healthy. For the most up-to-date H1N1 news visit our H1N1 updates and health tips section.

What CPS is doing

CPS is taking a proactive approach to monitoring and managing this year’s cold and flu season. Learn more about the procedures CPS has put into place that will monitor and manage any major outbreaks.

What you can do 

This year’s cold and flu season is expected to include both the regular flu and the H1N1 (swine) flu, so it’s important that everyone use common sense by following these simple everyday steps to protect their health.

Parent resources

It is our No. 1 priority to keep you up-to-date with all of the important news and announcements about how swine flu is affecting our community. Learn more about what steps you can take if your child is ill.

H1N1 resources

We are following several local, state and national health departments to monitor the H1N1 virus. View their websites and contact information.