The power of education 

Legacy Charter’s Liz Goss helps students shape their–and our– future.

June 29, 2009

Liz Goss started her career as a community organizer teaching women who were on welfare. Her realization that a quality early education could have helped many of those women avoid their fates ultimately led her to Legacy Charter School, where she is now a second-grade teacher and a recipient of a Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award.


“As a former community organizer, she brings that lens to her teaching,” said Legacy principal Lisa Kenner. “Children feel respected and cared for by Liz. They take flight, even those with extraordinary needs.”


Key to that approach is a strong sense of fairness, encouraging the students to express themselves freely and the belief that her students have the ability to change the world for the better.


Given that many of her students come from challenging backgrounds, Goss isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics. When she asked them to write poems, she encouraged them to address whatever they were feeling, including issues like skin color and divorce.


“With my students, I try to create a classroom full of wonder, love, joy, hope and questions,” she said. “I want my students to ask more important questions. And I believe they are capable of finding answers and finding their way in the world. I envision a better world for them: one more just, more joyful and more inspiring.”


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