Crosstown classic: Part 2 

Meet Jose de Diego Community Academy’s No. 1 White Sox fans.

June 22, 2009

Ask students and staff at Jose de Diego Community Academy who the best baseball team is in Chicago and at least 40% will respond: The White Sox. And that’s 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox to you.


This week continues the 12th annual Crosstown Classic, a baseball series that divides the city of Chicago into two teams: Cubs and White Sox. The series began last week at Wrigley Field, where both teams won one game each. The first game was postponed due to weather. Not willing to let a little rain damper a city rivalry, the teams will meet up again this week, at U.S. Cellular Field on the South side of Chicago.


At one Chicago Public School the separation between Cubs and Sox fans is so great that its principal had to declare two separate school days to recognize both fans. And to honor both North Side and South Side teams and fans we’re doing the same thing. This week learn why students and staff at this elementary school love their Chicago White Sox.


Now batting…the Chicago White Sox fans


Most Chicago White Sox fans feel like they get no respect in their own town. Even though their team has won more World Series (the most recent being 2005) and division titles, they still they always come in second place next to their beloved cross-town rivals.


When Principal Alice Vera declared October 3, 2008, White Sox Day, fans finally got the respect they deserved.


Students and staff put on their best Sox gear — from jerseys, to T-shirts, to new and vintage baseball caps — fans were decked out from head to toe, with one familiar similarity: 2005 World Series emblems.  The most recent World Series title is the one thing that Sox fans love to show off, and even in some cases, flaunt to their cross-town rivals who are still trying to win their first title in more than 100 years. If Sox fans feel like they get no respect, at least they have a World Series ring to make up for it.


We asked the Sox fans a few questions to find out why their team is the best baseball team in Chicago.


Why do you like the Chicago White Sox?


Carlos Ramos, LSC President: “I was tired of the Cubs trading the good players!”


Why are the Sox better than the Chicago Cubs?


Daniel, 5th grader:  "Sox are in the American League, and that league is harder! And because the Sox won the World Series in 2005.”


Who is your favorite Chicago White Sox player?


Donovan, 5th grader:  "Paul Konerko, first baseman.”

Esteban, 4th grader:  "Paul Konerko because his jersey number is 14 and that is my favorite number too!”


What’s your favorite thing about Sox Park?


Bienane, 5th grader:  "The grass because it is so green. I also like how big and open it is. ”


How many games have you been to or are you going to this year?


Malik, 5th grader:  "I’ve been to two games and a player hit a homerun at one of the games!”


Which team has the best fans? Why?


Gabby Clow, Disciplinary Department:  "Sox have the best fans because they are actually there to watch the game.”


A house divided?


Raul Mercado, Payroll Clerk:  "I am the biggest Sox fan, even though my son is a huge Cubs fan!”


Principal Vera initiated both Cubs and White Sox Day after both teams made the playoffs last year. The last time both teams played during the post-season at the same was in 1906.


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