Advice for graduates 

The CPS community offers our new high school graduates a few words to live by.

June 15, 2009

Once a year we say goodbye to a group of students we hope will follow their dreams and become the best citizens they can be. We know that life will throw plenty of curveballs along the way, frequent challenges, and major life decisions. But know this: You are not alone. And although it seems like you are the only person going through a particular experience, trust us. It’s happened before.


They say the best people to give advice are those that have been through similar situations. Our question of the month asks our diverse CPS community to share their ideas and advice to the Class of 2009.


Words of wisdom from across the District


Parent: Do your best and know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and push yourself to become the best.


Anthony Estelle, proud CPS graduate: I believe the class of 2009 must realize their own potential by pressing forward in this globally competitive world. Now more than ever, just being in the competition doesn't make the cut. We've got to let our kids know how important it is to actually try their hardest at every step along the way. I wish them the very best and suggest they truly take advantage of every opportunity for growth. If they find there are no growth opportunities seek them out, and create them. Do not be limited! The world is yours!


Student: Stay focused, listen to your elders, be respectful, work hard, think positive and never give up.


Parent: The class of 2009 should continue to read for increased vocabulary. Never stop learning. Always spend time with your family. Get a summer job. Learn the rules and regulations of the job. Strive for perfect attendance, punctuality, and get along with your boss as well as coworkers. Just enjoy your life!


CPS Community Member: “To be successful you have to work hard. Be proud of your achievements and don't take minor setbacks hard. Look at those setbacks as learning experiences to achieve your goals in life. Remember to treat others as you want to be treated. Most importantly enjoy what life has to offer!”


Parent: Go directly to college.


CPS Community Member: My advice for the class of 2009 is that each of them would make winning decisions!


CPS Community Member: Attendance is important to your future life.


CPS Community Member: Take risks. Say yes.


Parent: Be kind to people you don't have to be kind to, like the cashier or the old person on the bus. This makes you a true person of quality and integrity, and builds your character, and makes you an example to others therefore making our world a better place.


CPS Community Member: Remember, steady wins the race. The ones that endure to the end get the prize. People will come in your path to offer different paths, but remember: steady wins the race.


As more advice is submitted, we’ll continue to update this article. To find the updated article just enter “Advice for graduates” in the Search box at the top each page or visit the Spotlight archive section and select this article. Congratulations again to the Class of 2009!




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