Crosstown classic: Part 1 

Meet Jose de Diego Community Academy’s No. 1 Cubs fans.

June 15, 2009

Ask students and staff at Jose de Diego Community Academy who the best baseball team is in Chicago and at least 60% will respond: The Cubbies.


This week marks the 12th annual Crosstown Classic, a baseball series that divides the city of Chicago into two teams: Cubs and White Sox. The series kicks off this week at Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs will take on the Chicago White Sox. Last year the Cubs swept the Sox at Wrigley Field.


At one Chicago Public School the separation between Cubs and Sox fans is so great that its principal had to declare two separate school days to recognize both fans. And to honor both North Side and South Side teams and fans we’re doing the same thing. This week learn why more than half of the students and staff at this elementary school love their Cubbies. And next week, we’ll go, go, White Sox with the other half of the school.


But first up…the Chicago Cubs


It takes two CTA buses and approximately a short 5-minute walk (according to to get to Wrigley Field from Jose de Diego Community Academy. But it will take more than a few trains, buses, and automobiles to deter these dedicated fans from showing their pride.


When Principal Alice Vera declared September 25, 2008, Cubs Day, fans rejoiced. Students and staff put on their best Cubs attire — from jerseys, to T-shirts, to new and vintage baseball caps — fans were decked out from head to toe. 


We asked the Cubs fans a few questions to find out why their team is the best baseball team in Chicago.


Why do you like the Chicago Cubs?


Angel Martinez, Guidance Counselor Aid: “I was raised to be a die-hard fan! On my 40th birthday I had a surprise Cubs party thrown for me. It was a huge hall with everything you can think of Cubs!”


Why are the Cubs a better team than the Chicago White Sox?


Natacha, 8th grade: “I did a project on the Cubs, and I think they are better because of the owners and the history of how they came about.”


David, 5th grade: “Cubs have better players!”


Justin, 5th grade: “Cubs players have faster runners and the coach is better.”


Who is your favorite Chicago Cubs player?


Natacha, 8th grade: “Carlos Zambrano.”


What’s your favorite thing about Wrigley Field?


Efrain, 5th grade: “The food, especially the slushies. They are the best!”


How many games have you been to or are you going to this year?


Giovan, 5th grade: “I went to my first game last week and loved it!”


Which team has the best ball park? Why?


Carita Kempner, Reading Specialist: “The Cubs’ ballpark gives off an old-fashioned ambiance and feel of ballparks in the past. The exuberance of fans also makes the ballpark a fun place to be for the day.” 


Next up...the Chicago White Sox


Principal Vera initiated both Cubs and White Sox Day after both teams made the playoffs last year. The last time both teams played during the post-season at the same was in 1906.


White Sox fans, we haven’t forgotten about you either. Check out next week to meet the elementary school’s dedicated South Side supporters.




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