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Boundary Questions? School boundary confirmation can only be officially confirmed through the Office of Strategy Management at 773.553.3270.

Enrollment Questions? Questions regarding specific enrollment procedures should be directed to the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773.553.2060.

  • Attendance Area Elementary School Attendance Area Elementary School
    City-wide Elementary School City-wide Elementary School
    Charter Elementary School Charter Elementary School
  • Attendance Area Middle School Attendance Area Middle School
    City-wide Middle School City-wide Middle School
    Charter Middle School Charter Middle School
  • Attendance Area High School Attendance Area High School
    City-wide High School City-wide High School
    Charter High School Charter High School
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School Locator - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school locator tool?

The school locator allows you to search for CPS schools by name, address and zip code. Results can be viewed in a variety of ways including by attendance boundary, ward, neighborhood or zip code.

What information is available on the map?

The map features color-coded pins for each school that you can click to access general information about schools such as contact information, grade category, grades and performance rating. The school detail box also provides a link to the school's profile that has more extensive information including enrollment, academic performance and demographics.

How do I find my neighborhood school?

Type your street address into the text box and click the search button. Schools near your location will appear in a list on the left side of the screen. Click a school name to see its location on the map.

How can I see the attendance boundary for a neighborhood school?

Click on a colored school pin on the map to see the attendance boundary for that school. The attendance boundary will appear as a shaded area on the map. This will help you identify the attendance area down to the street level. It can sometimes be helpful to zoom in on the map to see specific street names.

How do I search for a school near me?

Click the "Find Schools Around Me" button to find schools near your current location. Some devices and/or browsers may ask you for permission before sending your current location. You must allow your current location to be sent in order for this feature to work.

How do I find a school by name?

Start typing the name of the school in the search box and click the drop down list of schools to find a school by name. When a school is selected, the school location will be marked with a colored pin on the map and a detail panel will appear with additional information.

What is an overlay?

An overlay is a transparent layer of additional information that appears on top of the existing map to help denote specific boundaries or regions. For example, a zip code overlay will show boundaries for all the zip codes in Chicago. Click on a specific boundary area on the map to see more details about that area.

What if I only want to see high schools or elementary schools?

The Filter Results button allows you to filter your search. Click on Grade Category and check any grades categories you want to appear. For example, to view high schools only, check High School. By default all grade categories (elementary, middle and high school) are displayed.

How do I see all the schools?

To view all the schools, click the Reset Map button then click the search icon (magnifying glass).

How do I see the Local School Council boundaries?

To view the LSC boundary, click the on the school to bring up the detail view then click the LSC button.

School Locator - What's New


5/1/2016 - Changed Advanced Search to display only Overlays and added the Advanced Search filtering feature to search results. Added Local School Council (LSC) button to school detail panel. The LSC button displays the LSC boundary for the school. Added Transit and Bike overlays. Fixed Tiers overlay showing 2014 colors. Updated directions button to show starting point on google maps if there is an address in the input field.


10/26/2015 - Student Count and School Ratings updated for 2015-16.


10/19/2015 - Added 1/4 mile radius search. Fixed results when 0 schools are found.


10/15/2015 - Added a "More Schools" button to the school detail view. This button triggers a radius search around the school address. Added a "Show All Schools" function to the search button. If nothing is entered into the input field, clicking the magnifying glass will show all schools. Fixed result list display bugs.


10/01/2015 - Updated Tiers Overlay for 2015-16.


08/28/2015 - Updated Safe Passage Overlay for 2015-16.


07/29/2015 - Updated School Locations for 2015-16 pdf. Added noscript tag for browsers that don't have Javascript enabled. Updated Elementary overlay.


07/27/2015 - Updated Find Me and long press to display address search. Advanced search shows filters in the school count display and Grade Category and Performance Rating check boxes are off by default. Schools with multiple boundaries display individual boundaries.


07/17/2015 - Redesigned layout to function better on mobile devices. Added ability to compare schools, Google street view, enroll button, tour, Find Me and long press to drop pin. Removed all programs except for Early Childhood Programs until the new programs list is ready.


01/14/2015 - Updated Programs Offered.


12/03/2014 - Updated Programs and School Ratings information for 2014.


10/9/2014 - Updated Tiers and Classification information for 2014. Programs and School Ratings are not updated for 2014 in this version.


8/8/2014 - Updated school location, boundary data, and political overlays for 2014. Classifications, Programs and School Ratings are not updated in this version.


11/20/2013 - Updated to 2013 Network Overlay.


10/03/2013 - Updated to 2012-2013 Performance Ratings.


09/20/2013 - Updated program types and CPS Tiers for 2013.


09/09/2013 - Added Performance Rating filter and icons.


09/04/2013 - Changed default search to Search by School Name.


08/22/2013 - Updated school list and school attendance boundaries for 2013-14 school year. Added Safe Passage route information.


04/02/2013 - Added Programs Offered: Early Childhood, Fine and Performing Arts, International Baccalaureate, JROTC, Military Academy, Montessori, Early College STEM School.


02/11/2013 - Added Political Overlays: IL House, IL Senate, and US Congressional.


01/02/2013 - Updated API.


11/16/2012 - Added Tiers Overlay.


11/1/2012 - Added Pin Location verification display.


10/17/2012 - The school locator launches with search by address, school name, zip code, show all schools, Program Type filter, School Classification filter, url search, .25 - 2.5 mile radius, three grade categories (elementary, middle, high), eight overlays (elementary boundary, middle school boundary, high school boundary, community area, ward, zip code, elementary network, and high school network), help guide, video tutorial, faq and feedback form.

Disclaimer: The home school address search is provided to allow easy access and visual display of school boundary and school location information. Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the maps and data provided; nevertheless, some information may not be accurate. All data visualizations on maps should be considered approximate.


Attendance Boundaries

  • Charter School Preference Boundary

    Students residing within the overlay preference boundary of the school will be given priority for enrollment over those students who reside outside of the overlay preference boundary.

Geographic Overlays

  • Safe Passage Routes

    Your child's safety is among our top priorities. Chicago Public Schools, in partnership with parents, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and City of Chicago, has expanded the District's successful Safe Passage Program to provide safe routes to and from school every day for your child.

    This map presents the Safe Passage Route specially designed for your school, which was created with direct input from CPD and parents within your community.

    Routes that are shared by more than one school overlap each other on the map. To view the route for a particular school, search for the school and the route will display on the map.

  • CPS Tiers

    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    Tier 4

    Chicago Public Schools divides areas of the city into one of four socio-economic tiers by looking at each area's median income, education level, home-ownership rates, single-parent family rates, rates of English-speaking, and neighborhood school performance.

Political Overlays