Step 2: Choose 

As a parent, you have many choices about which school your child attends. CPS offers a variety of programs that appeal to students' interests and talents. Here are some tips on how to select a school.


Every student who resides in Chicago has a CPS neighborhood school corresponding to an attendance boundary. Generally, all students who live within the boundaries of their neighborhood schools may attend the school. Students living within the attendance boundaries typically do not need to apply to that school, unless the school is on Controlled Enrollment, which means that the school is not enrolling neighborhood children because it is overcrowded.

If you choose this type of school:   You should do the following:



There are no special requirements for students who want to attend their neighborhood school. Click the "Continue with Step 3: Register" button below for registration instructions.

District schools other than your neighborhood school  

How to Apply

  • Identify the schools where you want to apply.
  • Identify the application requirements, if any, of the schools in which you are interested.
  • Follow application instructions.
  • Submit your applications between October 1st and mid-December, the year before you want your child to enroll.
  • Receive notification letters informing you if your child received an offer from any of the schools to which you applied. (High school notification letters are mailed in late February; elementary school notification letters are mailed in late March.)

Charter schools


Directly contact the schools in which you are interested. Each charter school has its own application procedures and timeline.



Once you've completed the application process, click the "Continue with Step 3: Register" button below.


Continue with Step 3: Register

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