Regional Gifted Centers 

Provides an accelerated instructional program that places an emphasis on thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity. In addition to rigor in the core content areas, instruction includes a world language or Latin, laboratory science, computer science and fine arts.



There are 13 Regional Gifted Centers, designed to provide appropriate services for children identified as gifted. A differentiated, enriched curriculum allows for skill development appropriate for the gifted student's abilities and interests. Three Regional Gifted Centers are designed for students who are English Language Learners (Greeley, Orozco, and Pulaski), and whose first language is Polish, Russian, or Spanish.

Three Regional Gifted Centers are full-site centers (Edison, Keller, and Lenart), meaning that all students in these schools are in the Regional Gifted Center, and no student may enroll in the schools without participating in the application and selection process. Ten Regional Gifted Centers are housed in neighborhood schools (Beaubien, Bell, Carnegie, Coonley, Greeley, National Teachers Academy, Orozco, Pritzker, Pulaski and South Loop), meaning that the school has two separate programs, a regular education program and the Regional Gifted Center program. One Regional Gifted Center is housed in a magnet school (Beasley) – in this case, the school has two separate programs, a magnet school and a Regional Gifted Center.

Attendance Boundaries

None. Students across the city may apply.

For more information, visit the website for the Office of Access and Enrollment at and click 'Programs' and 'Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools.'

Enrollment Requirements

Acceptance criteria

  • Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools (SEES) application
  • Entrance exam


Admission testing is required. All age-appropriate students applying for grades K-4 will be tested. Testing eligibility for students applying for grades 5-8 is based on the student's NWEA MAP scores in reading and math. In order to be eligible for testing, general education students and students with a 504 Plan must have scores at the 60th percentile or above in reading and math. Students with an IEP must have percentiles at or above the 50th percentile in one subject (reading or math), and at or above the 40th percentile in the other subject (reading or math) in order to be eligible for testing.

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