Teacher Performance Evaluation


We want every student in every part of the city to graduate prepared for success in college, career and life. As a District, we are committed to high quality education for all of our students.

To reach every child, our school leaders, teachers and staff must work together and understand their role. We set the tone with a careful hiring process and ongoing professional education. Additionally, we evaluate teacher performance and recognize excellence aligned with District goals.

For the first time in 45 years, the District and the Chicago Teachers Union recently redesigned the CPS teacher evaluation system. The new system is called Recognizing Educators Advancing Chicago (REACH) Students. It evaluates teachers on student growth and quality of teaching practice.

REACH Students fits within Pillar 4 of the District's Framework for Success. This pillar includes strategies and tactics that support "Committed and Effective Teachers, Leaders and Staff:”

Committed and Effective Teachers, Leaders and Staff
Our teachers, principals and administrators will be valued and developed, will hold themselves accountable and will be rewarded for success. We must ensure we are the place where the best talent comes to work.

To support educators, CPS provides a system of feedback and resources embedded within our approach. This ensures that educators have access to supports that meet their unique learning and development needs before and during the school year.

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