Family life and comprehensive sexual health education 

Chicago Public Schools offers a comprehensive approach to sexual health and reproductive education.

The program provides students with instruction that helps them develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. At developmentally appropriate ages students are introduced to:

  • The roles and responsibilities of family members
  • The formation of healthy social relationships
  • Human growth and development from pregnancy through birth, puberty and adulthood
  • Human sexuality and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS

Parent notification

You will be notified in writing at least 14 days before this curriculum is taught at your child’s school. Please note: Although many schools provide this information differently, all schools are required to adhere to the 14-day notification rule.

At the parent or guardian’s request, any student may be excused from any part of the Family Life and AIDS Education program. You may request in writing that your child not attend the class by writing a letter to your child’s school. Once the school receives this request, your child will be removed from the course.


Offie of Diverse Learner Supports and Services
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Family Life and Comprehensive Sexual Health Education policy
Learn more about our Family Life education policy. 

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