Safe Passage Program Information 

Safe passageThe Chicago Public Schools has launched the Safe Passage program to increase children’s safety as they come and go each day. This section offers helpful tips to parents and children to keep students safe on their way to and from school, in their homes, in their neighborhoods before and after school, and throughout the school day.

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Walking to school

A large city like Chicago can present many dangers to children, especially elementary school students. There are major streets with heavy traffic and many lanes to cross. Learn ways to teach your child how to walk safely to school.

Riding the bus

Currently, approximately 22,000 students receive student bus transportation to Chicago public schools. Riding the bus has its own hazards, which students and parents can take steps to avoid.

Driving children to school

Learn how you can help to ensure that your children arrive at school safely.


Bicycle safety

Special safety rules apply when children ride their bikes to and from school.


Special situations

Some situations arise that you sometimes can and can’t plan for. Here’s how to deal.


Neighborhood safety

Learn ways to safeguard your young child and teenager at home.



It’s up to everyone to create a safe environment for students in their communities.


Important telephone numbers

Keep these numbers in a place that is easily accessible by the entire family.

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