Emergency Preparation 


Emergency Preparation ensures that steps are already in place within schools in the event that an emergency occurs.


  • Have up-to-date emergency preparation plans that include emergency contact information, communication procedures, and evacuation plans
  • Ensure the safety of students and staff by developing emergency plans for every school

Program benefits

  • Your school has a plan. Each school has a Safe School Plan as well as an Emergency Management Plan. Teachers, administrators, staff and students have trained and completed drills using these plans.
  • If it is necessary for students to leave school following an emergency, school staff will follow an orderly plan to make sure that each child is released at a specified location on campus to a parent, relative or other person designated by the parent.
  • If a parent or designee cannot pick up children for an extended period of time following an emergency, students will remain under staff supervision until the parent/designee arrives at school. However, children should be picked up as soon as possible. If necessary, students may be moved to another school or off-campus site for greater safety.
  • In a tornado or other major emergency, telephones may not be operating. Lines also experience heavy use during an emergency and may not work because they are overloaded. Please try to leave the phone lines open. 


All media outlets (radio, TV and newspaper) will be provided with information as soon as it is available. Emergency information from the District will also be posted on the CPS website.

Contact information

Risk Management and Emergency Planning
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Phone: (773) 553-3313
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