CPS Virtual Learning Program: 2017 Summer Offerings 

The CPS Virtual Learning Program provides online courses to actively enrolled Chicago Public Schools students. Online courses give students an opportunity to expand course offerings, meet graduation requirements or prepare for high school. CPS students entering 7th-12th grade in the fall are invited to take online courses over the summer in one of two programs. Applications for “Advance & Accelerate” and “Be Prepared” will be accepted May 1 - June 5, 2017. Summer term will begin July 5, 2017.

*Please note: you may only enroll a student in online credit recovery through a high school that is participating in the High School Summer Credit Recovery program. See this website .

Advance & Accelerate (Incoming 10th-12th Grade Students)

With permission of their CPS principal, high school students (grades 10-12th) can take core courses online to create opportunities to “get ahead” in their coursework or graduation requirements. Courses from Edgenuity include: English, Mathematics, World Language, Science, and Fine Arts. View the complete course list. Students and parents should have a counselor or principal submit a nomination form between May 1 and June 2, 2017: Virtual Learning Program 2017 Summer HS Application .

Be Prepared (Incoming 7th-9th Grade Students)

CPS students entering 7th, 8th or 9th grade are invited to take online courses in Writing, Language Arts, or Math to "get prepared" for upper grades or high school level concepts in advance of the school year. These courses are taken independently with parents agreeing to serve as a Mentor or Monitor for students. School credit is not issued for these courses, they are for academic enrichment or to review previously learned concepts during the summer.

Courses include

  • English Language Arts 6, 7, 8
  • Mathematics 6, 7, 8
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Literacy and Comprehension I
  • MS Journalism: Tell Your Story
  • Creative Writing
The overview and syllabi for these courses can be found here . Parents, Guardians, or School Counselors may nominate students to participate between May 1 and June 2, 2017: Virtual Learning Program 2017 Summer MS Application

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Serve as a point of contact for the virtual teacher, the student, and the CPS Virtual Learning Program Manager
  • Help students get logged in and started with the course
  • Ensure the student has access to a computer with internet
  • Monitor the student’s attendance, progress, and grades in the course
  • Motivate students to complete course work
  • Address any questions or concerns the student has
  • Please note that Edgenuity has technical and content support available for students in real-time with the click of button in the program
  • Communicate any issues the student may be having with the course to the virtual teacher
  • Communicate with the Virtual Learning Program Manager if the student needs to be withdrawn from the course for any reason


Please contact your student’s principal or school counselor for questions or assistance about the courses and filling out the application.

Remember, this program is for actively enrolled CPS students. Also, high school students must have the permission of their principal or school counselor to earn credit for online courses before registering.

Contact Information

Please reach out to your School Counselor for assistance. If you still need help after speaking with them, you can email the Virtual Learning Program manager at cpsonlinecourses@cps.edu.

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