Healthy CPS 


Healthy CPS demonstrates a school’s commitment to a safe and healthy learning environment by offering access to daily physical activity, nutritious foods, school-based health services, health education and supports for students with chronic conditions.

The Healthy CPS Indicator is the first ever comprehensive health-focused measure that is included on the CPS school progress report. It was created to help schools streamline health and wellness initiatives already taking place at the school. Schools' Wellness Teams can use the Healthy CPS Indicator to coordinate efforts that focus on chronic disease, health-related instruction (physical education and sexual health education), wellness (LearnWELL) and health services.

Share information with staff, students and community with the Healthy CPS one pager.

You can help your school become Healthy CPS!

  1. Join your School Wellness Team
  2. Sign your child up to participate in school-based health services.
  3. Ask for an update about your school’s Healthy CPS status at a Local School Council meeting.
  4. Review Healthy CPS Checklist to learn more about Indicator criteria.
  5. Create an Action Plan to identify and implement 1–2 priority goals throughout the school year.

More resources are available to CPS staff on the Healthy CPS Knowledge Center page.


View Achieving Healthy CPS progress map below.


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