Close Up Washington 


Close Up Washington is a fully supervised weeklong educational experience in Washington D.C. Students and teacher coordinators participate in the one-week trip to observe the process of democracy and our national heritage. Student participants come from across the country.


Each day is completely scheduled and structured for students and teachers to participate in activities and seminars. Students participate in small-group seminars and workshops and meet with congressional members, lobbyists, and embassy officials, and visit museums and monuments. More than 55 schools and 400 students and teachers participate in the program annually, representing the greatest student participation of any school district in the country.


  • Complement classroom instruction
  • Link our historical past with our historical future
  • Provide an opportunity for students to experience the meaning of liberty and democracy

Program benefits

  • Enable students to learn and appreciate that one person can make a difference and everyone should make the effort
  • Promote civic education throughout the year through curriculum-based activities
  • Develop student leaders


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