Mission Statement

The mission of the Attendance and Truancy Department is to train, motivate, support and guide CPS staff, students, families, and community partners in efforts to increase student attendance, decrease truancy, strategically address barriers that result in truancy and ultimately enhance the academic success of all CPS students.


The Attendance and Truancy shall accomplish its mission via:

  1. District wide awareness of attendance and truancy related Illinois state laws, CPS Board policies, and CPS initiatives;
  2. Developing, publishing and disseminating task-specific attendance management guidelines and best practices to school and field-level staff
  3. Conducting district-wide training and issue resolution for attendance clerks, school-level administration and field support staffs.
  4. Collaborating and aligning with internal and external strategic resources; and
  5. Targeted strategic outreach and engagement with parent support and community partners.


As the district continues to implement academic initiatives to raise student achievement levels, daily student attendance must be considered by all schools as fundamental to the success of these initiatives and to student academic progress. One of the primary causes of student failure in school is poor attendance; thus, daily attendance is essential for student success in school. Increased student attendance also results in increased State funding provided through the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding formula. Accordingly, increased Average Daily Attendance in all schools positively impacts the quality of education CPS can provide all of its students.

The Attendance and Truancy Department creates and oversees the implementation of CPS' district wide attendance and truancy strategy, primarily via effective collaboration, partnership and communication with the designated Network Offices. CPS Network Offices are currently responsible for ensuring the quality, accuracy and integrity of school-based attendance data; student level attendance and truancy related programs and adherence to state and district level governing policies and guidelines.

The Attendance and Truancy Department, located in Central Office, supports and guides the Networks and schools; researches and responds to Truancy Hotline calls; maintains and publishes the Attendance Management Guidelines and support documents; and develops and provides standardized district-wide attendance and truancy related trainings for Network staff and School Attendance Clerks/Coordinators. The Department also operates as a central resource to research and resolve district level attendance or truancy related issues, provides knowledge about the various district-wide related internal tracking systems, and guidance on effective adherence with state and district level attendance and truancy related governing policies and guidelines.

Attendance and Truancy Department Staff

Zakieh Mohammed, Senior Manager
Zamohammed@cps.edu Email link

Contact Information

42 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 60602
773-553-1000 | Main
773-553-1501 | Fax

Truancy Hotline:
773-553-FACE [3223] | Main