As part of the District’s IT support model, TechCrew is designed to enrich students’ educational experience by providing them with a framework to carry out basic technical computer support within the confines of their school.TechCrew supports educators and students in establishing and maintaining a student-operated, technical-support help desk in their school. In addition to technical skills students learn teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills, to prepare for post-secondary education and workforce readiness.



  • Expand TechCrew to elementary and high schools across the District, directly impacting 400,000 students and 20,000 teachers.
  • Build partnerships with non-profits, corporations, foundations and government leaders interested in making a difference in CPS schools.
  • Raise awareness to support our growth and positively impact more children.


TechCrew Benefits:

  • Students learn problem solving, teamwork, data analysis, customer service/client relations, computer troubleshooting, communication, Information Computing Technology (ICT) literacy, leadership ability, and other skills.
  • By giving students leadership roles, students grow academically, socially, and personally while also gaining confidence through their experience.
  • TechCrew empowers students to improve the use of technology in their schools and communities, while also relieving school technology coordinators of a great deal of computer repair and maintenance tasks.
  • TechCrew Inspires: “The experience you gain from being part of TechCrew is immeasurable. TechCrew helped me to find my passion for technology.” – Gabino Noriega, former TechCrew participant
  • TechCrew Helps Educators: “TechCrew helps out students academically and has allowed students to assume leadership roles and to gain confidence through their experience.” – Brian Surina, TechCrew coordinator, Phoenix Military Academy
  • TechCrew Saves Money: “TechCrew is a positive experience for the school and the students because the students achieve the skills necessary to perform in this field while the school is able to allocate funding to other educational initiatives.” – Joellen Zielazinski, Budget Manager, Kelly High School
  • TechCrew Improves Performance: “Twenty-first century technology is a sophisticated, cutting edge, and ever-changing industry. We want our students to be at the forefront of that industry, and TechCrew is a good place for them to start.” – Arshele Stevens, Chief Information Officer



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