Chicago Reading Initiative 


The Chicago Reading Initiative is designed to ensure that all students have access to high quality instruction in reading.


The initiative has five major focus areas:

  • A uniform instructional framework for teaching reading consisting of four major components: word knowledge, fluency, comprehension, and writing
  • A mandated 2 hours of literacy instruction (reading and writing) per day in elementary and high schools, and a focus on literacy instruction in all content areas
  • Extra support and reading specialists for schools with low performance or lack of progress
  • Development of high quality professional development opportunities for teachers and leadership teams in reading instruction, and implementation of the literacy framework
  • New materials and assessment tools, and extra support for all schools

Program benefits

  • Provide students with a strong reading and writing background that will enable them to succeed beyond their post high school careers


Contact information

Chicago Reading Initiative
326 West 14th Street Place
Chicago, Illinois 60608
Phone: (773) 553-3550
Fax: (773) 553-6460