Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I obtain a copy of my child’s student records?

Answer: Parent must request copies of student records from the child’s school.  (Verification of guardianship will be requested)


Question: I am a former student. How can I get a copy of my student records/transcripts?

Answer: The former student should contact the Department of Former Student Records at (773) 535-4110.

                An electronic application can be completed by clicking here. Visit Web Page at:  School Records

Question: What is my attendance area school?

Answer: Network Executive Assistants/ Parent Support Administrator should use the CPS School Locator to assist the parent.


Question: What are the procedures and required documents to enroll my child in school?

Answer: For student enrollment procedures and required documents, refer to Enrollment and Transfer Policy (702.1).


Question: How do I enroll my child if he/she is expelled from another school district?

Answer: The parent should contact the Department of Student Adjudication at (773) 553-2249.

Question:  How do I enroll my child in a school if we are in a combined/temporary living situation (homeless)?


  1. Refer to the Homeless Education Policy, Board Report 96-1120-03,Section 702.5

  2. School must immediately enroll students even if they lack health, immunization or school records, proof of guardianship, or proof of residency.

  3. Students have the right to remain enrolled in their selected school for as long as they remain in a temporary living situation or, if the student becomes permanently housed, until the end of the academic year.

  4. A student in a temporary living situation attending his/her school of origin has the right to transportation to go to and from the school of origin as long as she or he is in a temporary living situation or, if the student becomes permanently housed, until the end of the academic year. CPS staff shall inform parents/guardians and/or youth of transportation services to and from school and school-related activities.

  5. Students in temporary living situations have a right to a waiver of school-related fees.  Parent Support Specialist/Network Executive Assistants should refer all questions to designated Students in Temporary Living Situations (STLS) Coordinator.


Question:  Does my child have school today?


A. A list of student days off can be found on the District Calendar

B. Parents should consult their child’s school for clarification and if they have further questions.

Question: When is the next CPS Board Meeting or other key event?

Answer: A calendar of CPS key events can be found at: District Calendar

Question: How can I obtain a copy of a CPS policy?

Answer: CPS Policies can be found by clicking here

Question:  How can I find out about senior activities (Prom and Graduation) for my child’s school?

Answer: Parents should consult their child’s school for clarification of dates for graduation activities.

Student discipline decisions should be made in accordance to the provisions of the current CPS Student Code of Conduct (SCC) (BR 13-0724-PO2 Section 705.5)

Question: Parent informs Network Executive Assistant / Parent Support Administrator that their child has been suspended and wants to appeal suspension.

Answer: Ask parent if he/she has submitted an appeal for the decision to the School Principal. If parent has not spoken to the principal regarding the matter, the parent should be informed that a suspension appeal must first be submitted to the principal.

  1. If parent is unsatisfied with a student discipline appeal decision, after discussing the decision with the principal, parents must submit an appeal in writing to the respective Network Chief of Schools.  The suspension appeals process can be found in the SCC.
  2. If the parent is not satisfied with the suspension appeal decision made by the Chief of Schools or his/her designee, inform the parent that according to the District’s policy, SCC, the Network is the highest level for a suspension appeal. 


Question: What do I do if my child has been approached by a bully?

Answer: Refer to Anti-Bullying Policy-(Board Report: 13-0724-PO2; Section: 705.5A) 


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