CPS.EDU Release Notes

December 2015

- Redesigned CPS Blog (cps.edu/blog)

October 2015

- Added the CPS Branding Standards (cps.edu/branding)

September 2015

- Added the Chicago Schools Blog (cps.edu/blog)

- Redesigned School Profiles and added print page feature (cps.edu/FindaSchool)

- Redesigned the Students landing page (cps.edu/students)

July 2015

- Updated home page design with a modern, new template.

- Redesigned School Locator to be mobile device friendly (cps.edu/map)

- Added a 'What’s New on CPS.EDU' page (cps.edu/whatsnew)

- District Calendar is faster and better on mobile devices (cps.edu/calendar)

- Redesigned the student timeline page (cps.edu/timeline)

May 2015

- Added Video Gallery (cps.edu/videos)

March 2015

- Added Careers site (cps.edu/careers)

- Added Learning Hub (cps.edu/LearningHub)

- Added HR4U Employee Home page (cps.edu/HR4U)

August 2014

- CPS.EDU has been completely redesigned to work on mobile devices

- Added Google Search to make it easier to find important information

- New CPS Logo and color palette

- Added Topics by Audience and Grade Level

- Added Related Topics feature to connect similar content

June 2014

- Added District Calendar (cps.edu/calendar)

October 2013

- Added CPS Apps Directory (cps.edu/apps)

August 2013

- Added School Locator Map (cps.edu/map)

- Added Safe Passage Program (cps.edu/safepassage)

July 2013

- Added Operating Budget with Interactive Reports (cps.edu/budget)

April 2013

- Added Early Childhood Website (cps.edu/readytolearn)

February 2012

- Integrated CPS.EDU with Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)





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