Latest information about swine flu, our schools, and health tips 

H1N1 updates, health tipsThe Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) is working closely together to monitor influenza-like activity.


This following pages address the H1N1 flu (swine influenza), a respiratory disease causing symptoms in people similar to the symptoms of regular human flu.


The State of Illinois has a flu hotline set up for non-medical questions. Call 1-866-848-2094 for English or 1-866-241-2138 for Spanish. For more information call

3-1-1, visit the Chicago Department of Public Health’s H1N1 website.

H1N1 updates, health tips

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H1N1 vaccinations

Beginning Oct. 24, 2009, the Chicago Department of Public Health will offer free H1N1 vaccinations to individuals unable to access vaccination services through a primary healthcare provider. See clinic times, days and locations. 


CPS H1N1 procedures, policies

Learn more about the procedures in place that will monitor and manage any major H1N1 outbreaks.


Parent information

Get a few ideas about what to do if you think your child is ill.

H1N1 resources, websites, FAQs

View important websites, phone numbers and frequently asked questions about the H1N1 virus. 


General health tips

Watch two elementary schools demonstrate the most important things everyone can do to prevent the spread of germs.