Office of Student Protections and Title IX

CPS formed the district’s first Office of Student Protections and Title IX (OSP) to ensure the school district is free from sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.

Department Responsibilities

OSP is responsible for referring allegations of adult-on-student abuse to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for investigation, overseeing investigations into allegations of student-on-student abuse, ensuring students are paired with an advocate immediately following an allegation, and providing students with resources for receiving long-term support.

Along with former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Illinois Executive Inspector General Maggie Hickey, CPS identified several key priorities that the new Office of Student Protections and Title IX will focus on to better support Chicago’s students. At the start of the upcoming 2018-19 school year, OSP will focus on the following areas:

In coordination with principals and law enforcement agencies, OSP will oversee the investigation of allegations of student-on-student sexual harassment, bullying, or abuse. Trained investigators, who prioritize supporting the best interests of students to avoid retraumatization or harm, will oversee investigations.

The office will coordinate with internal and external partners to ensure student advocate services, counseling, and other supports are provided to students involved in sexual harassment, bullying, or abuse.

The office will ensure the district is in compliance with Title IX, which protects students from discrimination related to any educational program on the basis of sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

Training and Awareness:
The office will ensure every member of the CPS community understands their role in recognizing, preventing, reporting and responding to sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse.

Policy and Prevention:
The office will ensure that district policies and practices provide clear steps that employees must take in order to protect victims of abuse and ensure incidents are reported to all necessary parties.

Data and Reporting:
The office will collect and share information with the public and ensure appropriate notifications are made in all cases.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
If you see or suspect child abuse
1-800-25-ABUSE (800-252-2873)

Office of Student Protections and Title IX
If you need help or advice

Office of the Inspector General
If you see or suspect child abuse by an adult


Camie C. Pratt, JD
Chief of the Office of Student Protections and Title IX
CPS’ Designated Title IX Coordinator
110 N. Paulina
Chicago, IL 60612




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