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Office of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning will forever be extremely important for your child's success in school, career, and life. The CPS Office of Teaching and Learning provides school administrators and teachers with the training and resources needed to engage your child(ren) in rich and rewarding learning experiences. Our office is comprised of various academic and support departments, which work collaboratively with each other, and with other CPS offices and departments to support your child's growth and progress in meeting or exceeding state standards for academic excellence.

To learn more, contact Executive Assistant, Andrea L. Ayapan-Irizarry at

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Learning begins at home but Chicago Public Schools take your child's knowledge to the next level by building a strong foundation that will allow them to succeed in elementary school and beyond. We provide services for newborns through third graders that assist in teaching your child to develop their problem-solving, academic, and social-emotional skills.

To learn more, contact Diego Ferney Giraldo, Chief of Early Childhood Education, at 773-553-2010 or visit the Office of Early Childhood web page.
Chicago Public Schools is dedicated to supporting all of our teachers to ensure that your child gets the best education. We create tools and specialized training to assist teachers with planning their lessons and conducting classes. If needed, we also visit schools to provide any additional assistance. Please contact us if you would like additional information about Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Arts, Libraries, and/or Civic Engagement/Service Learning. We're here to help!

To learn more, contact Jennifer Reed, Office Manager, at 773-553-1934.

Chicago Public Schools is passionate about preparing your child for success in life by ensuring that each student possesses the language, literacy, and the knowledge to be a good citizen when they graduate. We support schools in this process by providing teachers with the necessary tools so that they can instruct your child with the proper curriculum that meets Chicago Public Schools standards.

The Department of Literacy is comprised of the following team:

To learn more, contact The Office of Teaching and Learning at 773-553-2517or visit the Department of Literacy web page.

Math is an important part of every child's life, but each child does not learn the same! This is why Chicago Public Schools is committed to developing the best curriculum resources, such as the CPS Math Content Framework. We provide your child's teacher with the necessary support to teach every student. We also offer teachers opportunities to grow by learning new ways to teach your child based on the latest research. Math can be difficult to learn but our teachers have the knowledge to make learning fun!

To learn more, contact Jessica Fulton, Director of Mathematics, at 773-553-6422 or visit the Math Department web page.
Chicago Public Schools strives to provide your child with a valuable science education that focuses on a high quality curriculum and important learning experiences. We provide teachers with the best resources to ensure that they prepare your child for success in college, their career, and life. We also support your child's teachers by providing professional development and by assisting in the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.

To learn more, contact Chandra James, Director of Science, at 773-553-6436 or visit Science Department web page.
Does your child love art? So do we! Chicago Public Schools works hard to provide Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, and Media Arts to all students. We assist educators and administrators to ensure that the arts programming they offer is of the highest quality and aligns to state standards.

To learn more, call 773-553-2170 or visit the Arts Department website.
The Department of Magnet, Gifted, and International Baccalaureate (MGIB) programs provides program support and professional development for schools currently implementing Magnet, Magnet Cluster, Selective Enrollment, Neighborhood Gifted, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs.

To learn more, contact Dr. Veronica Nash,  Director of Magnet, Gifted, and International Baccalaureate Programs at 773-553-3823 or visit the MGIB programs web page.

To learn about how to apply to these programs, visit .
Has your child encountered barriers to learning? No worries! Chicago Public Schools provides scheduling assistance to schools, and extended learning opportunities for students to recover credits or receive additional instruction that enables them to successfully advance to the next grade.

To learn more, contact The Office of Teaching and Learning at 773-553-2517 or visit the Instructional Supports web page.
The Department of Social Science and Civic Engagement provides professional learning to networks, principals, educators, community partners and student leaders; designs instructional tools; and provides student experiences that build the capacity of stakeholders. The Department provides support, consulting, and technical support for networks, schools, principals, teachers, parents, students, or community members looking for critical information or guidance on disciplinary literacy, Social Science content, Civic Engagement, Student Voice and Service Learning.

To learn more, contact Heather Van Benthuysen, Director of Social Science & Civic Engagement, at or visit the Social Science & Civic Engagement website.
CPS believes that a balanced assessment system is a core component of a well-rounded instructional program that serves all students. The Department of Assessment works to coordinate the logistics, training and communication of centralized formative and summative assessments.

To learn more, contact Peter Leonard, Director of Student Assessment  at 773-553-2416 or visit the Student Assessment web page.

Enrichment Learning Resources

Grade-level activity packets for PreK-12th grade to support student learning during the Coronavirus school closures.

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