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“Correct answers are essential... but they're part of the process, they're not the product. The product is the math the kids walk away with in their heads…”

Phil Daro
Author of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

For our children to be successful in today’s economy, they need a strong foundation in math. This begins with a high-quality curriculum and well-trained teachers, both of which the CPS Department of Mathematics works to support. We make sure that the math being taught in CPS classrooms aligns with the Common Core State Standards, and that your child’s math teacher knows how to support all students in making sense of important mathematical ideas.

We’re also working on preparing your children for future success in college and career. From classroom resources that encourage students to collaboratively discuss strategies for solving math problems to the Algebra Initiative which expands opportunities for students in the middle grades to enroll in high school Algebra coursework, the Department of Mathematics is here to support teachers and students in their ongoing growth.

As a department, we also want to support your involvement as a parent in your child’s math education. We all know that children do better academically if what they’re learning in class is reinforced at home, but that is not always easy. So to help you help your child get the best math education possible, we provide parent-friendly resources like the ones listed below.

This page includes our contact information. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are here to help!

Parent Resources

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics [English - Spanish]
What Parents Should Know About the Common Core State Standards
Math Class Needs a Makeover Video

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