Office of Core Curriculum and Academic Programs

What is Core Curriculum?

Need a one-stop shop to find out more about the subjects that your student is studying? The Office of Core Curriculum is a great starting point for Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Arts (Visual, Music, Dance, & Theatre), Libraries, and Civic Engagement/Service Learning information.

We believe that every student’s education is enhanced by having access to a broad range of subjects and curricula. We work with teachers and principals to make sure that they have the supports they need to offer the highest quality curriculum to students.

What are the expectations for my student’s learning?

Every subject has a set of expectations that are guided by standards. These standards are typically adopted at the state level.

  • Every subject has standards that identify “what” students should be learning from grade to grade
  • The Common Core State Standards are for Literacy and Mathematics
  • New standards are on the way for the Arts, Science, and Social Science

You can find more information here for Illinois.

Academic Programs

The Mission of Magnet, Gifted, and IB Programs is to provide students and families with high-quality school models aimed at increasing college readiness and accelerating students toward post-secondary success by providing rigorous, theme-based instruction.

The Office of Core Curriculum and Academic Programs provides program support and professional development for schools currently implementing Magnet, Magnet Cluster, Selective Enrollment, Neighborhood Gifted, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs.

Resources For Parents:

What Parents Should Know About the Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards and Diverse Students

Contact Information

Contact Name/Title

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Area of Expertise

Jennifer Reed, Administrative Assistant


Operations support and general information

Jessica Mahon, Director of Mathematics


Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, STEM

Chandra James, Director of Science


New Next Generation Science Standards, STEM

Jessica Marshall, Director of Social Science and Civic Engagement - Social Science, Service Learning, Civics, and Global Citizenship


Service Learning, Civics, and Global Citizenship

Lisa Perez, Manager of Library Services


Libraries, digital and print collections

Evan Plummer, Director of Arts


The CPS Arts Education Plan, the new National Core Arts Standards, Interdisciplinary Curricula

Lauren Secatore, Director of Framework for Teaching


Knowledge Management; Framework for Teaching; Special Projects

Dr. Veronica Nash, Director of Magnet Gifted and IB Programs


Magnet, Gifted, and International Baccalaureate programs

Office of Core Curriculum
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