Staff resources: Teacher programs 

One of the top priorities in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is to bring the absolute best and brightest educators into our schools and classrooms. Teachers are the lifeblood of our school system, and they are the driving force behind the improvements we’ve seen across the city.

The Illinois Education Research Council recently released a study that lauds the hard work that CPS principals and the CPS Human Resources department have done to bring great new teachers into our schools. “Chicago, especially, has made remarkable progress in bolstering the caliber of its teaching force and serves as a positive example for other large urban districts,” the report’s executive summary states.

That’s been the result of frequent recruiting visits to top-tier universities across the country, an acceleration of our alternative-certification programs to bring talented career-changers who can make a difference into our classrooms through non-traditional routes, and our school system’s reputation as a leader in urban-school reform.

CPS offers a variety of programs designed to support and promote teaching. For more information, please visit the Chicago Public Schools Human Resources website .

Page Last Modified on Tuesday, August 19, 2014