Language and Cultural Education  

Resources for Parents Overview

The Office of Language and Cultural Education (OLCE) exists to ensure that all language learners receive a high-quality education. Achieving that goal requires a focus, not only on academics and the classroom, but also on families and the community.

All CPS students have the right to a high-quality education. For English Learners, that right includes a right to participate in a program for English Learners in addition to the right to enroll in their neighborhood school, regardless of their familiarity with English. Parents and families also have the right to receive information from their schools in their preferred language.

The Department of Foreign Student Services, under the Office of Teaching and Learning, exists to:

  • Arrange translation and interpretation services for the district – note that translation and interpretation services for refugees, students with special needs, and their families, are arranged through a different department; contact OLCE for more information
  • Evaluate transcripts from other countries, and place students who are new to this country into the most appropriate grade level and courses

The Department of Foreign Student Services is located at:
42 W Madison St, Garden
Chicago, IL 60602


Parental Involvement

OLCE oversees the Bilingual Advisory Committees (BACs) across the district and the citywide Chicago Multilingual Parent Council (CMPC). The BACs and CMPC advise individual schools and the district as a whole on issues pertaining to bilingual education and world language. For more information, or to get involved with one of the groups, contact your child’s school, visit our page on Parent Advisory Councils or contact one of the Bilingual Parent Resource Centers listed below.

Resource Centers

OLCE also operates several resource centers. These resource centers, described below, offer workshops, classes, and books and are dedicated to connecting parents and schools with the resources they need. Click on the name of a Resource Center for contact information and a brief description of the resources available.


Resource Center Contact Information

This resource center provides curricula, tutoring, and academic summer programs for American Indian students and collaborates with the American Indian Health Services, American Indian Center, and the faith-based St. Kateri Center to provide community and cultural support.

Field Elementary School
7019 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
Main Number: (773) 534-2874

This resource center provides a variety of resource materials for educators of English learners, hosts meetings and/or trainings for parents of English learners, CMPC members, BAC members, and educators, and collaborates with the Mexican Consulate, Arab American Association, Polish Association, and New American Initiative Office to support cultural awareness and education.

Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy
1364 West 19th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Main Number: (773) 534-7737

The CRRs oversee and ensure the organization and function of the Chicago Multilingual Parent Council (CMPC) at the district level and the Bilingual Advisory Committees (BACs) at the local level to ensure compliance with state law. They also provide technical assistance and support to English Learner Liaisons and other school staff on working with BACs and bilingual parents. CRRs additionally provide information, through collaboration with other CPS departments, for CMPC members, BAC members, and parents to actively engage in their children’s education.

Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy
1364 West 19th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Main Number: (773) 534-7737

Bridgeport Office
501 W 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60616
Main Number: (773) 553-6201 Fax: (773) 553-6047

The CIC was opened in 2006 as a partnership between Chicago Public Schools, the Office of Chinese Language Council International under the Ministry of Education of China, and Shanghai’s East China Normal University. The CIC serves as an educational resource for educators, parents, and students throughout the greater Chicago area. Its primary focus is on K-12 Chinese language and cultural education, though the CIC also offers other services, such as beginning, intermediate, and advanced Chinese language classes for adults. In addition to being a full professional development and workshop center, CIC is a resource library with more than 10,000 print and multimedia materials for educators and students from all academic levels. The CIC is open to the general public.

Payton College Prep
1034 North Wells Street, Room 106
Chicago, IL 60610
Main Number: (773) 534-0020

This center functions as a bridge between Chicago Public Schools and local resettlement agencies and communities. It coordinates resources, academic tutoring, translation and interpretation services, professional development opportunities, and orientation to refugee students and their parents. The center also develops and sustains a network of partnerships with competent, reliable, and culturally-astute providers and community organizations.

Field Elementary School
7019 North Ashland Avenue, Room 217
Chicago, IL 60626
Main Number: (773) 534-0240

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