Local School Council Historical Background 

1979 - CPS system goes bankrupt; School Finance Authority established.

1985 - Legislation establishes statewide school accountability.

1987 - CPS endures a 19 day school strike.

Mayor Harold Washington convenes Education Summit.

1988 - Chicago School Reform Act passes;

  • Creates Local School Councils, subdistrict councils, School Board Nominating Commission, and Mayor-appointed interim board.
  • Shifts resources to schools, including State Chapter 1 funds.
  • Mandates school improvement plans.

1989 - October: Election of first LSC

  • 17,256 people run for seats.
  • 312,000 people cast their ballots.
  • 6,000 members elected to serve on LSCs.

Nominating Commission nominates permanent 15-member board.

1990-91 - LSC voting process declared unconstitutional.

Legislature enacts law creating new LSC election process.

1993 - CPS´ budget does not balance; schools do not open on time.

Massive parent and community protests.

Court intervenes to open schools.

Budget balanced by issuing bonds and taking part of State Chapter 1 money, teachers´ pension fund, and SFA reserve fund.

1994 - Election dates changed to spring report card pick-up day.

1995 - Legislation restructures CPS system

  • Five member Board Of Trustees (BOT) and CEO appointed by mayor.
  • Mandates Academic Accountability Council.
  • Makes changes in collective bargaining.
  • Incoming LSC members required to take 3 days of training (18 hours).

1996 - CPS has ability to set criteria for principal positions.

1999 - Legislation restructures CPS system

Two members are added to the BOT and name reverts back to Board of Education.

SB652 passes and becomes PA-61-622 which mandates:

  • Criminal background checks for all LSC members
  • LSC members no longer have to file Statement of Economic Interest with Cook County.

Contact Information

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