CPS H1N1 procedures, policies 

CPS is taking a proactive approach to monitoring and managing this year’s cold and flu season. CPS has put several procedures in place that will monitor and manage any major outbreaks:


  • Surveillance. In order to be proactive it’s important to know school by school exactly what is occurring with attendance. Attendance will be used as an indicator that will let us know if there is a potential health problem at a school.
  • Partnerships. In conjunction with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), new guidelines have been established for our schools that allow us to track the virus and take action quickly when there is believed to be a case or many cases of H1N1 to keep it from spreading throughout the District.
  • Monitoring your child’s symptoms. Any student with a temperature of more than 100 degrees will be sent home. And through our partnership with the health department, we’ll determine what other symptoms should be used to trigger a dismissal from class.


These guidelines specifically address the following procedures:


 Student attendance/absenteeism monitoring

 Student dismissal due to fever (100 degrees or higher)

 Facilities operation and maintenance

H1N1 hotline, resources

The State of Illinois has a flu hotline set up for non-medical questions. Call 1-866-848-2094 for English or 1-866-241-2138 for Spanish. For more information call 3-1-1, visit the CDPH’s H1N1 website or read H1N1 updates, health tips.


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