Grant Funded Programs 


The Office of Grant Funded Programs works to ensure that grant funds are aligned to district priorities, and are strategically used to support and increase student achievement. The work of the Office of Grant Funded Programs is closely aligned to Pillar 5 of the CPS Action Plan, which focuses on sound fiscal, operational and accountability systems. Priorities that lead to student success must drive planning, spending, and accountability at the school and district level.


The overarching goal of the Grant Funded Programs is to maximize the utilization of grant funds aligned to CPS priorities and minimize financial risks associated with non-compliance of grant requirements. This will be accomplished in the following manner:

  • Financial Impact: Increase accuracy of information by collecting, analyzing, and adjusting information accordingly to maximize use of funds.
  • Process Improvement: Increase timeliness of information by reviewing and adjusting current practices, procedures, and processes.
  • Staff Development: Increase knowledge in funding agency legislation, regulations, and CPS processes and systems.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Strengthen customer relationships by understanding client needs and customizing services to address those needs.

Services We Provide

  • Grant Development and Implementation Support
  • Coordination of the Statewide System of Support for targeted schools
  • Oversight for Charter School Funded Programs
  • Administration of Non-Public School Proportionate Share Services
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Coordination of External Audits

Current Initiatives

The Office of Grant Funded Programs is comprised of five distinct groups. These include (1) Compliance Services, (2) Private School Programs, (3) Grant Development, (4) Charter School Services, & (5) Statewide System of Support. The following are initiatives to be implemented this year:

  • Work collaboratively with leaders of the education offices to execute strategic use of grant funds including Titles I, II, and SIG in support of the objectives of Pillar One: High Standards, Rigorous Curriculum, and Powerful Instruction to increase student achievement and academic readiness and to improve daily attendance and increase number of students on-track as part of Pillar Two: Systems of Support that meet Student Needs
  • Integrate grant application and documentation requirements into annual district budget development (including CIWP) and strategic planning, working with Accountability and CPS Administrative Offices, and provide appropriate support and guidance so schools and departments recognize the interconnectedness of these processes.
  • Enhance and maintain grant acquisition and implementation monitoring procedures to minimize program overlap, maximize resource utilization, and ensure alignment with approved grant activities for optimal student impact.
  • Analyze how schools are choosing to spend their discretionary resources to provide schools and Networks guidance on strategic and appropriate use of funds to support strong and suitable CIWPs, and to inform Central Office work and practices.  
  • Maintain proven compliance routines with a focus on informing and changing practice, including assisting schools to proactively address any potential concerns. 
  • Improve efficiency and efficacy in administration of ESEA requiBlue programs, including non-public programs. 
  • Expand and improve external stakeholder relations with local, state, and federal government offices and funding agencies, as well as collaborations with other school districts and partner agencies such as Council of Great City Schools. 
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to guide and push current and proposed legislation that impacts grant policy and funding at the federal, state, and local levels.


The following documents contain basic information on various federal and state grants and are available to assist in the development, implementation, and compliance of grant funded programs. They are meant to be used as a ready reference for school administrators, teachers, and the public. They are not intended as a comprehensive source of information on the rules and regulations which govern the use of federal and state supplemental funds.

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Grant Funded Programs

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