Parent Resources: Get Involved 

To help your child to succeed in school, it's critical that you as a parent form a partnership with the school to help promote your child's social, emotional, and academic growth. No matter what your child's grade level, every parent should get involved at home, in the school and within the community. The end result will make a huge impact in your child's success.

Below you'll find a variety of ways to make an impact—from joining a parent-related committee, to participating in a community program.

Get Involved In Your Child's Academic Life

Student Code of Conduct
Good behavior is parallel to getting good grades. That's why it's important that parents sit with their child and read, understand, and abide by our Student Code of Conduct.

Get Involved In Your Child's School

Local School Councils
Composed of the principal, teachers, parents and community members, they work together to develop the school budget, choose the principal and select the School Improvement Plan for Advancing Academic Achievement (SIPAAA).

Get Involved In The Community

Volunteer Programs
There are many ways you can volunteer to help the Chicago Public Schools.

Join a Transition Advisory Council
Take the lead in engaging community stakeholders in creating new schools. Transition Advisory Councils (TACs) are composed of parents, students, aldermen, educators, area residents, school alumni, and representatives from faith-based or community-based organizations. Members will review the school proposals submitted for their communities and decide which option is best suited for the community and its residents, thus serving as the voice of the community. Becoming a TAC member is one way parents can take part in shaping their child's education.

Applications are due in the summer. For additional information, contact New Schools at (773) 553-1538 or (773) 553-3391.



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