Financial Education

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) developed and implemented an 11-12th grade Personal Finance Course from 2012-2016 through the generous support of the Discover Pathway to Financial Success Program. With additional support from partners including the Council for Economic Education, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Center for Economic Education, and a host of CPS teachers, administrators and financial education partners, this course has been offered in approximately 75 CPS high schools across the city, serving nearly 15,000 students over the last four years.

This partnership was created with the following vision in mind that “Chicago students and their parents have the knowledge, skills, and access to make informed personal financial decisions that lead to a future of financial empowerment.”

The curriculum, Personal Finance 3.0, supports this vision. It is provided at no cost to high schools and is available for teachers’ use. It is a comprehensive semester-long course that is delivered in four major units:

  • Unit 1: Economic Way of Thinking

    • Students will learn how the economy works as well as their role as a consumer. Students will also learn how to evaluate their choices according to economic criteria.

  • Unit 2: Managing My Money

    • Students will learn to make informed decisions about money. Students will develop a personal budget and engage in wealth building skills and activities

  • Unit 3: Managing Risk

    • Students will learn how to protect their assets. In order to protect financial and personal assets, students will learn behaviors and strategies to minimize and transfer risk, prevent identify theft, and evaluate insurance needs.

  • Unit 4: Career Preparation

    • Students will apply the decision making process in choosing a career. They will analyze long-term costs and benefits of obtaining or foregoing a college education and career choices.

Please visit the CPS Knowledge Center to download each unit and view Additional Resources. The Course Overview and the Personal Finance 3.0 Curriculum are also located in the Knowledge Center.

For questions regarding Personal Finance 3.0 or general questions regarding Financial Education in the District, please contact Alexandria Cummings, Financial Education Manager by email or phone at 773-553-6079.  

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