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CPS Vision: 2016 - 2019

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At Chicago Public Schools, our mission is to provide a high quality public education for every child, in every neighborhood, that prepares each for success in college, career and civic life. To fulfill our mission, we make these three commitments to our students, their families and to all Chicagoans:

Academic Progress

Academic Progress

Preparing our students for success in college, career and community requires a holistic approach. Our curriculum must evolve to include the courses demanded by today’s colleges and the skills demanded by today’s employers. Our educators must be supported and empowered, and our schools must be safe and nurturing learning environments for all students. Read more 

Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Student success remains the shared priority of the district and the Chicago community. Despite financial challenges that force painful choices, protecting and improving student achievement comes first. We must continue to streamline our spending, implement best business practices and advocate for equal treatment of our children under Illinois law. Read more 

CPS' Integrity


Educating the next generation is a great responsibility, and it depends on strong relationships between the district, its schools, students families and their communities. CPS will demonstrate integrity in all its relationships through clear, honest communication; by achieving results and by respecting the expertise in our diverse communities. Read more