CPS Encourages Parents and Community Members to Seek Nominations to Local School Councils 

CPS will hold community rallies, using online and grassroots outreach to engage parents and community members across the city to join their local LSC


November 19, 2013


CHICAGO - Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is encouraging all parents and community members to make a positive impact on student achievement by submitting their nomination for their Local School Councils (LSC) this year. Candidates have until February 26, 2014 to submit nominating forms. Elections will take place on April 7, 2014, during report card pick-up for both elementary and high schools, from 6:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.


LSCs empower parents and the school community to partner with their principals in creating a positive school environment that best serves the needs of all children in boosting their academic achievement. LSC representatives will serve a two-year term, commencing at the start of the 2014-2015 academic year. LSC representatives serve as an important link between a school’s administration, community, CPS and students, and play a significant role in decision-making at the local school level.


“Local School Councils serve as an important vehicle to harness the energy and commitment of parents and community members to improve our schools and help our children reach their fullest potential,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett. “I encourage anyone who is passionate about education in Chicago and the success of our young people and wants to have an impact on their community to get involved and consider running for their Local School Council.”


In an effort to ensure that many engaged members of the community are involved in their local schools, CPS has been aggressively working to inform parents and other community members about the value of LSC participation. To build momentum around the upcoming elections, CPS’s Office of LSC Relations is holding community rallies, using online outreach and grassroots outreach to engage parents and community members across the city. The District also purchased advertisement on CTA buses, billboards and in community newspapers. Also, those calling CPS Central Office hear promotional messages on LSC elections while waiting on hold.


Interested candidates need to submit nominating forms at their respective school by February 26, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. The forms, along with additional information, can be found at cps.edu/lsc, in the main office of any CPS school, CPS Network Offices, and the Office of LSC Relations at 125 S. Clark, 5th floor.


Eligible members of an LSC include parents whose children attend the school, community members, and the teachers and non-teaching staff from the school. Except for the teachers and paraprofessionals who run for the teacher and non-teacher staff positions on the LSC, no candidate for any other position on an LSC can be a employee of the Chicago Board of Education. Each LSC is made up of six parents, two community members, two teachers, one non-teacher staff member and the school’s principal. High School LSCs also have a student representative.


More information is available by calling the Office of LSC Relations at (773) 553-1400.


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