CPS Releases Strategic Vision: “CPS: Success Starts Here” 

District Launches #ImCPS Campaign Promoting Stories of Success Across District
Thursday, September 1, 2016                                               

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CHICAGO – With the start of a new school year around the corner, CPS CEO Forrest Claypool and Chief Education Officer Dr. Janice K. Jackson today announced their strategic three-year vision for CPS: Success Starts Here. The vision makes three commitments that build on recent successes and reflects the values and priorities of the administration:

    •    Academic Progress: CPS students are more prepared for college and the workforce than ever before. Students continue to make academic strides as demonstrated through improved test scores, record-high attendance, increased freshman-on-track-rates, and increased graduation and college enrollment rates. The District will continue to expand access to proven successful programs and strategies, such as IB, STEM, and computer science implementation, to ensure that our students are prepared for a globally connected and changing society. Additionally, more students will have access to rigorous coursework with the possibility of earning college credit for exemplary performance. By continuing to recruit, support, and retain talented teachers and administrators, students will be provided with the social and emotional support needed to reach their full potential.
    •    Financial Stability: Financial stability allows CPS students to build on academic gains without disruptions to the classroom. By brainstorming innovative ways to manage and operate our administration more efficiently and effectively, CPS can reduce costs and cut spending. CPS leadership and thousands of parents helped advocate for equitable funding and placed pressure on state leadership to ensure schools opened on time with a balanced budget. The District will continue to take steps towards stability and urge the state to provide equitable funding that the students deserve.
    •    Integrity: More parents are choosing CPS than ever before. By establishing trust and a shared vision, the District and its stakeholders can work collaboratively to achieve positive results. By prioritizing active communication and transparency, the District can engage with stakeholders, community members, and other partners to receive feedback about how to best serve the community.

This three-year vision, which can be found at cps.edu/vision, marks an important benchmark for the District. The fiscal foundation created by the FY17 operational budget allows a shift from crisis management, to managing for the future, as we continue to build on our students’ academic success. 

Our students’ academic success is the focus of a companion social media campaign also launching today with a video found at facebook.com/chicagopublicschools. “I’m CPS” encourages all members of the CPS community to share the success stories that they see every day using #ImCPS. Whether students, educators, parents, or community members, #ImCPS gives everyone who plays a role with our District to share the success they helped create.  

Starting the school year off strong is the first way to build on CPS’ success from last year. This week, CPS completed its series of Back-to-School celebrations to help students and families prepare for the new school year. With more than 19,500 attendees across 13 events, thousands of families received helpful information, resources and free immunizations for a smooth transition into the new school year. Additionally, more than 30,000 backpacks and school supplies were distributed to CPS students at the Back-to-School events.

To ensure no one forgets that school starts next week, CPS and its partners will call 10,000 students this week to remind them of the first day school. Studies show that students who attend the first day of school are more likely to demonstrate healthy attendance habits and show higher rates of student achievement. The first day of school is September 6, 2016.

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