Mayor Emanuel and CPS Expand Proven IB Programming at Four High Schools 

Expansion of IB Programming Follows Release of New Data Showing IB-Enrolled Students Excelling and Better Prepared for College
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Friday, December 2, 2016  

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CHICAGO - Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) today announced that new IB programmes will be added to four CPS high schools to build on the tremendous academic success in IB throughout the city. The addition of IB Career-Related Programmes at Amundsen, Curie, Kennedy and South Shore International High Schools, which currently offer IB Diploma Programmes, will allow schools to accept more students into the proven IB pathway and will put CPS on pace to expand IB programming by 370 percent by 2018.
While student enrollment in IB programmes has quadrupled over the past five years, by adding additional opportunities the District will move closer to Mayor Emanuel’s goal of having 50 percent of graduating seniors earning college and career credit by 2019.
“There is no question that Chicago’s students are doing better academically today than ever before, and with more students heading to college than ever, it is our responsibility to ensure they are prepared for the next steps of their education,” said Mayor Emanuel. “That’s why we laid out a plan to ensure half of all CPS students are earning at least one college credit while in high school by 2019. Investing in proven programs like IB will give our students an opportunity to earn those credits as they work toward a diploma.”
This expansion will grow the nation’s largest IB network to serve an additional 100 students in 2018 and a total of 200 students by 2019. The news of expanded IB coincides with the release of new data revealing growth in graduation, college enrollment and college persistence rates since major IB investments began in 2011:
  • The number of students taking IB exams has nearly doubled, growing from 740 to 1405 students;
  • The number of IB exams taken increased by 68 percent;
  • The success rate on IB exams – scores of “4” or above, triggering college credit – has increased from 51 percent to 63 percent.
“Through the rapid and successful expansion of IB programmes throughout the District, we have been able to offer students at neighborhood high schools with rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that prepares them for a successful future,” said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. “Through this expansion, we will bring IB to an additional four schools, better preparing students for the rigors of college and addressing need and demand for IB exposure throughout the city.”
The comparison of data from SY 10-11 to SY 15-16 also revealed the exceptional outcomes for IB-enrolled students, who outpace their peers nationally, as well as their peers district wide:
  • Graduation rate: Last year, 96.2 percent of seniors enrolled in IB programmes or courses graduated high school, compared to district average and all-time high rate of 73.5 percent.
  • College Enrollment: IB students, including every subgroup, have rates of college enrollment that far exceed district averages (81 percent compared to district average of 57 percent).
  • College Persistence: At more than 86 percent, IB students across the board have rates of college persistence that far exceed district averages (71.6 percent).
“The City’s efforts to expand access to IB has translated into higher rates of graduation, college enrollment and college persistence among all groups of students at neighborhood schools throughout the city,” said Chief Education Officer Janice K. Jackson. “As an educator, I’ve seen how crucial college credits and course experience can be to promoting college enrollment and persistence among our students. I applaud our hard-working teachers and principals for embracing IB programmes at their schools to build on the record-setting academic achievements our students have made.”
With college debt growing across the country, Mayor Emanuel has made it a priority to provide students opportunities to earn college credit for free while still in high school. In addition to helping with the financial burden that college can pose for families, earning college-level experience helps students with the confidence they need to succeed once they arrive at college. Last year, more than 40 percent earned one or more of the following college or career credentials: early college credit, a 3+ on an AP exam, a 4+ on an IB exam, an approved career certification, or a JROTC program completion certification. This represents an increase from the roughly 31 percent, or 7,000 students, that earned this credit in 2014. 
By expanding the IB programme at currently authorized schools, the District will provide students in schools across the city with more opportunities to earn college-level credits before they graduate high school. The new IB Career-Related Programmes at Amundsen, Curie, Kennedy and South Shore International will join seven CPS high schools that currently offer CP programs, and current freshmen at the schools will have an opportunity to join the inaugural CP classes at each school. Chicago is home to the largest network of IB schools in the nation, with 43 schools (22 high schools and 21 elementary schools) serving 15,000 students enrolled in IB coursework citywide.
Chicago Public Schools serves 381,000 students in 652 schools. It is the nation’s third-largest school district.

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