CPS Announces Englewood Steering Committee to Provide Community Advice On New High School 

Thursday, September 28, 2017 

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CHICAGO – As CPS moves forward with a proposal to build a new $75 million high school in Englewood, the district has invited a group of community leaders, educators and parents to form a Steering Committee to provide critical input into key questions about the new school. 

CPS has asked the group to be a sounding board for key decisions about academic programming, safety, transportation and other issues for the new Englewood school. The Steering Committee’s work will be in addition to public meetings and briefings that will continue to be held throughout this process.  

“Families, educators and community leaders in Englewood have such a strong vision for what they hope their new high school will be, and we want to incorporate that vision in key decisions,” said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. “We know that by working together, we can build a state-of-the-art, modern high school that brings Englewood students back to Englewood.”

The new $75 million school would be built on the site of Robeson High School and open with a freshman class in the fall of 2019. The proposed investment comes after the Englewood Community Action Council formally requested the new school in May, along with requesting the merger of Harper, Hope, Robeson and TEAM Englewood high schools. 

Over the past year, CPS and the Englewood Community Action Council have held several events and forums to gather community input. Before announcing its proposal, the Englewood CAC held several community meetings and conducted a survey of more than 1,200 residents to determine a vision for a new high school in the neighborhood. In addition, CPS held multiple community events at which information about the new high school was discussed and public input was collected.

“This is an exciting time for the Englewood community, and it’s a critical moment to have respected members of the community provide a sounding board for decisions that are going to make the new high school a success,” said Dr. Janice K. Jackson, CPS’ chief administrative officer. “We’re excited to be working with men and women who have worked so hard to create a new day in Englewood, and we look forward to tapping into their expertise as we build a new high school that will keep Englewood students in the community.”

This steering committee, which will meet monthly with CPS officials, is one aspect of a broader effort to proactively collect input from the Englewood community and provide transparency into CPS decision making. Other initiatives will include large public meetings, in which the broader community will be updated on steering committee discussions and have an opportunity to provide input and feedback. In addition, notes from each steering committee meeting will be published to ensure transparency throughout the process.

To form this steering committee, CPS consulted various community partners to develop a group of leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives within Englewood, including representatives from both East and West Englewood. A complete list of steering committee members can be found below.

Englewood Community Leadership Steering Committee Members


Title / Organization

Aysha Butler

   Executive Director, RAGE

Dori Collins

   Co-Chair, Englewood CAC

Tyson Everett

   Executive Director, Bridging the Tys to Jordan

Ed Ford

   CAC member

Perry Gunn

   Executive Director, Teamwork Englewood

Keith Harris

   Vice President, Englewood Political Task Force

Eddie Johnson

   Executive Director, Antioch CSSA

Craig Lynch

   President, Kennedy King College

Dr. Jonathan McKenzie

   CEO, The Family Centered Educational Agency

Darlene O`Banner

   Earle Advisory PAC Leader; Earle LSC member

Debra Payne

   President, Southwest Federation Block Club

Coretta Pruitt

   Chair of Technology, Englewood CAC

Gloria Williams

   President, Voices of West Englewood

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