CPS Finalizes District Enrollment for 2015-16 School Year 

CPS Increases Funding Rate for Programs that Support Low-Income Students and High Poverty Schools
Friday, October 23, 2015               

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CHICAGO – Chicago Public Schools today announced the official district-wide enrollment, which is tallied based on the 20th day analysis, as well as increased funding rates for low-income pupils and schools with high levels of poverty.
Enrollment rates are as follows:
  • System-wide CPS for School Year 2015-2016 (SY 15-16): 392,285 students
  • CPS-run K-12 schools: 303,148
  • K-12 charter schools: 61,496
The District’s K-12 enrollment increased by 2,230 students since the 10th day of school. A comprehensive fact sheet is attached with a breakdown of all enrollment numbers, including district-run and citywide pre-K programs.
Based on the enrollment numbers, CPS increased the per-pupil funding rates for federal Title I funds and Supplemental General State Aid (SGSA), both of which are allocated to support low-income students and high poverty schools. The Title I rate increased by $23.20 per qualifying pupil and the SGSA rate increased by $7.40 per low-income pupil.
“Every additional dollar in our classrooms helps our students," said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. “It’s essential that we maximize every dollar in light of diminishing funding from the State. We will continue to fight for Springfield to prioritize education funding and end the pension inequity that comes at the expense of Chicago’s students.”
Chicago’s early education opportunities continue to expand, with 28,349 children enrolled citywide in CPS programs or CPS-funded programs. This represents an increase from the 27,811 children enrolled in CPS or CPS-funded programs in SY 14-15. Through the expansion of early childhood education, CPS is working to ensure Chicago’s youngest children receive the foundation and supports they need to thrive in the classroom for years to come.
  • CPS increased the SGSA rate because fewer than anticipated qualifying students were enrolled on the 20th day, meaning that those funds could be increased for existing students. CPS increased Title I funds because the District worked with its partners in the State to win a federal waiver that allows more Title I funds to be distributed to schools. 
  • Despite a challenging budget, CPS remains committed to keeping as many dollars in the classroom as possible. In the 2015-16 school year, the per-student funding rate for student-based budgeted remained the same, ensuring there was no reduction in the dollars that follow every student from last year. 
  • To establish individual school budgets:
    o   CPS began working with principals in February to accurately project enrollment.
    o   In July, principals received preliminary budgets based on projected student enrollment.
    o   In October, they received budgets based on the 10th day enrollment. CPS uses 10th day enrollment as the basis to determine how many student-based budgeting dollars schools receive. Staffing adjustments were made based on the 10th day numbers because they had to be conducted on the 20th day of school.     
  • Today, CPS is making minor budget adjustments using 20th day enrollment numbers to determine the final allocation of federal Title I and SGSA funding, which are resources provided to schools with low-income students.
  • For the first time, CPS withheld funding from schools where students appeared to be enrolled, but had not attended any days of school or received class schedules. In cases where schools demonstrated that these students were attending or had valid reasons for not attending, the District’s SBB funding for those students was restored. 
  • Finally, as has been CPS’ practice, the District will select two additional days in October/November to take enrollment counts. Any schools with an enrollment increase of more than 10 students between the 10th day of instruction and that date will receive additional SBB funds. No schools will lose SBB funding as a result of that analysis.

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