Weekly Reports on School Transition Progress Continue with Updates from CPS and City Departments 


August 2, 2013


Today, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and City departments involved in the city-wide effort to implement a safe and smooth transition for students attending Welcoming Schools next fall continued their weekly briefings and reported on their progress to date.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called on all City departments and agencies to work in tandem with CPS to support the city’s children, families and communities as students transition to Welcoming Schools this fall that will provide them with the high-quality, education they need to be on a path to success.


Status updates were reported today by CPS and four other City departments and sister agencies: the Public Building Commission (PBC), Department of Buildings (DOB), the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) and the Department of Transportation (CDOT).


Summaries of the reports are included below:



  • 90 percent of Sending School students are already enrolled in CPS. Among them, the vast majority of students and their families have chosen to attend their designated Welcoming School – 80 percent.
  • When students arrive for the first day of school, desks, chairs, textbooks and working technology will be waiting for them thanks to the assistance of 245 community members working alongside CPS as employees packing up Sending Schools and setting up Welcoming Schools.
  • This work involved pulling together an extensive portion of CPS’s inventory, including:
        • Nearly 50,000 textbooks and 12,000 workbooks
        • 6,100 pieces of technology equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, projectors and white boards
        • More than 43,000 pieces of school furniture
  • This portion of the inventory represents about half of all materials this team is helping to manage.
  • These materials are now being moved and matched up with the remaining Welcoming School inventory of more than 70,000 textbooks and instructional tools, as well as more than 60,000 pieces of furniture.
  • Our IT department is also deploying and setting up computers and technology in our Welcoming Schools.
  • Our community workers have successfully transferred school materials to 28 Welcoming Schools and begun to set up classrooms. This will keep this progress going so that all schools are operational on August 26. ·
  • The hiring process continues to expand the Safe Passage program through 600 additional staff working with 19 community-based organizations recently approved by the Board of Education as part of the program’s $7.7 million expansion to all Welcoming Schools.
  • CPS held a preliminary job fair in partnership with the vendors on July 1.
  • Three weeks ago, CPS took additional steps to conduct outreach on the hiring process for this program, including:
        • Posting all Safe Passage vendors’ contact information on www.cps.edu;
        • Emails and robocalls sent to parents of Welcoming and Sending Schools; and
        • Emails sent to stakeholders including Local School Councils, Community Action Councils and other Community-based organizations.
  • To date, Safe Passage vendors have received nearly 2,500 employment applications.
  • Principal Transition Coordinators have coordinated over 200 Welcoming Events among students at Welcoming and Sending schools, with additional events being planned school-by-school over the coming weeks.



  • Construction activities are active at all 98 schools, including selective demolition work at all schools. The overall project is approximately 80 percent complete, and the demolition work is approximately 99 percent complete.
  • Plumbing, electrical, mechanical and painting work is also underway and approximately 75 percent complete.
  • We are installing 2,400 air conditioners and other items that are lengthy to secure.
  • We will be complete with air conditioning installation by 8/12/13 as we are on track with completing installation at approximately two schools per day.


We are pleased to report that over 1,550 window assemblies and air conditioning units have been completed to date. The window assembly work commenced on July 1, 2013. The work is being phased, by school. There are a total of 72 schools scheduled to receive new window assemblies, and 40 schools have already been completed. The goal is to complete 50 to 100 assemblies per day and the work will be completed by August 12, 2013.


Installation of new wireless data ports is in progress at Welcoming Schools. Over 1,600 new data ports will be installed. To date, nearly 1,100 new data ports have been installed. All of this work will be completed by August 12, 2013.



  • Since May 1, DOB has investigated 1,107 complaints of vacant buildings in the Safe Passage zones.
  • We are currently working on 52 new complaints.
  • A total of four buildings are being demolished (10731 S. Wentworth, 10550 S. State, 5947 S. May and 6142 S. May).
  • While we have made great progress on these routes, we know our work is not complete. We will continue to re-inspect where necessary throughout the summer and school year.



As of July 30, the Department of Streets and Sanitation has addressed nearly 22,000 issues along the proposed Safe Passage routes, including:

  • Addressed nearly 400 abandoned vehicle complaints;
  • Removed more than 1,900 instances of graffiti;
  • Trimmed more than 3,200 trees;
  • Mowed more than 6,100 lots; and
  • Completed more than 4,400 rodent abatements.



CDOT has installed Safe Passage signs at 32 schools and has completed crosswalks at 37 schools. CDOT continues to receive service requests for all items and encourages residents to call 311.


To date we have completed:

  • 240 Alley Light outages
  • 269 Street Light outages
  • 618 Street light all out resolutions
  • 863 Street Paint marking

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