Statement on CTU Statement (Claypool) 

Monday, February 1, 2016 

For more information, contact:
CPS Office of Communications
Phone: 773-553-1620                                                                                               
“Despite unprecedented financial problems that threaten our classrooms, CPS reached a tentative agreement with CTU leadership after 14 months of negotiations – including 18 straight days at the end of talks. This agreement provided pay raises, guaranteed job security and met the union's key demands, including restrictions on charter school expansion, raises for seniority in addition to cost-of-living increases, and more classroom autonomy for teachers.  
“While we are disappointed by today’s result, CPS remains committed to reaching an agreement with our partners at the CTU that is in the best interest of our students, parents, teachers and city. We are committed to returning to the bargaining table and working around the clock to reach an agreement. As we continue to bargain, we must move forward with plans that restore fiscal stability to the District.” 

The tentative agreement reached with CTU leadership included the following:
  • Raising at least $200 million in revenue. The Board committed to restoring a dedicated 0.26 percent property tax levy for teachers’ pensions. In addition, the Board agreed to seek progressive revenue solutions.
  • Raises for seniority and experience. The Board continued the practice of steps and lanes, in addition to cost of living increases.
  • TIF surpluses. In this budget year, CPS is receiving TIF surplus of $87.2 million. CPS has received over $300 million in TIF surplus since 2011. In addition, more than $1 billion in TIF has been invested in capital improvements in CPS. Finally, a TIF surplus is one-time revenue that will not solve the District’s structural budget problems into the years ahead. 
  • Pensions. The Board made the same offer on pensions that the City made to the Police and Fire departments.
  • Charters. CPS included a commitment to push for alterations and revisions to the legislation that authorizes the Illinois Charter Commission. 

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