CPS Statement on Layoffs 

Friday, January 22, 201                                    

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CPS CEO Forrest Claypool issued the following statement about today's administrative layoffs.
 “Since starting at CPS, it’s been my priority to streamline the administration, and we’ve made steady progress all along the way. Today, we are taking another step that puts our schools and students first and does everything we can to reduce our $480 million budget gap and next year’s $1.1 billion deficit.
“There’s no doubt that these cuts are painful. However, with limited resources and a budget crisis not just this year but into the foreseeable future, we had no choice.
“While we will continue to provide the key oversight and administrative responsibilities of the district, we will curtail functions that don’t support the immediate day-to-day operations of schools. By the end of the day, 433 positions in the Central Office and administrative workforce will be closed, saving the District $45.1 million annually.
“Amid these challenges, we are negotiating with the CTU leadership on a multi-year agreement that would prevent midyear classroom teacher layoffs and give teachers a raise over the life of the contract. Both parties agree that these good faith negotiations are ongoing and productive.
“We are also pressing Springfield to wake up to the injustice that Chicago’s students face a separate but unequal education funding system. Chicago students get only 15 percent of the state’s funding despite making up 20 percent of the state’s enrollment – a difference of nearly $500 million. This inequity must end.
“Our children don’t get a second chance at a good education, and now is the time for all of us – Springfield, teachers, taxpayers and Central Office – to band together to give them the education they deserve.”
While CPS sheltered classroom teachers from these impacts and prioritized day-to-day school functions, the cuts will impact administrative functions in departments such as procurement, law, IT, facilities, diverse learners and payroll. The District is reorienting Diverse Learners around a bottom-up approach, replacing the formulaic, centralized operation that had been in place with a focus on schools to keep resources in classrooms.
  • As of Aug. 1, the District had 1,821 positions that are classified as administrative in Central Office and citywide units. Since that time, the District has been making a constant effort to reduce the overall workforce.
  • At the end of today’s action, the District will have reduced its administrative position count by 433.
    o   227 employees will receive layoff notices today. 57 of those employees are on teams that are being downsized. Those 57 employees will be laid off and can reapply for 35 positions. This is a net of 192 positions.
    o   180 vacant positions will be closed today.
    o   A net reduction of 61 administrative positions were closed between Aug. 1 and Jan. 15. (This includes 108 positions that have been closed and 47 positions that have been added.)
  • The District will realize $45.1 million in savings on an annualized basis, beginning in FY17. By freezing many of the vacant positions earlier this year, the District will spend $32.1 million less this year than expected at the beginning of the year.
  • Other compensation reductions have also taken place since Aug. 1 for Central Office and administrative staff. These include: phasing out the pension pickup for Central Office employees ($2.9 million in FY16 and $11.1 million annually), reducing vacation time (a value of $250,000) and requiring non-union employees to pay more for their health care ($1.6 million in FY16 and $3.1 annually). 

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