CPS CEO Byrd-Bennett Encourages CPS Community Members To Attend 

Community Meetings Scheduled In Englewood-Gresham, Burnham Park, Skyway, Pershing and O’Hare Networks


February 18, 2013


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Barbara Byrd-Bennett is reminding residents across the District today to participate and share their feedback on addressing the District’s school utilization crisis in one of this week’s five school community meetings taking place in the Englewood-Gresham, Burnham Park, Skyway, Pershing and O’Hare Networks.


Currently, the District operates over 511,000 seats for a student population of 403,000 with nearly 330 schools deemed as underutilized and nearly 140 of its schools greater than half empty. Through informed community feedback, CPS has developed initial consistent, objective criteria for handling its utilization. Over 10,500 parents and community members have participated in 17 CPS-held meetings to date. CPS has organized an additional 12 community meetings to gather further community input and guidance.


“Chicago Public Schools belong to the citizens and communities of Chicago,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. “I need as much feedback as possible to inform my decisions and my ultimate recommendations to the Board of Education. Every voice matters in ensuring a high-quality, well-rounded education for every student in every neighborhood.”


The meeting schedule for this week is:


  • Monday, February 18th, 7 pm: Englewood/Gresham School Network, AFC Center, 7859 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago IL 60620
  • Tuesday, February 19th, 7 pm: Burnham Park Network, St. Anslem Church, 6045 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60637
  • Wednesday, February 20th, 7 pm: Skyway Network, South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60649
  • Thursday, February 21st, 7 pm: Pershing Network, Fuller Park Field House, 331 West 45th Street, Chicago, IL 60609
  • Saturday, February 23rd, 11 am: O’Hare Network, Wright College, 4300 North Narragansett, 60634


School communities are being notified of their community meetings, including updated scheduling and location information, via a variety of communication methods such as robo-calls, letters mailed home, by email, via cps.edu, on social media and at individual schools.


A complete list of upcoming community meetings can be found at www.cps.edu/qualityschools.


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Chicago Public Schools serves 403,000 students in 681 schools. It is the nation’s third-largest school district.


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