CPS Statement in Response to Today’s IELRB Decision 

Statement on the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board's Decision


October 20, 2011


This is a disappointing decision that is not consistent with either the law or the labor contract between CPS and CTU. CTU’s request would only take time away between teachers and the 4,000 students in longer day pioneer schools today benefitting from 90 additional minutes in the classroom during a time when they are in desperate need of more instructional time. We think this is wrong as do the parents of CPS students who have voted in overwhelming support for a longer school day.


Until this case is taken before a circuit court judge, the principals, teachers and students at schools that have added 90 minutes of instructional time to their day will continue on as is. Students at pioneer schools will receive the additional time they need for math, reading, science, music and art that will help prepare them for success in college and life. We will rigorously defend a longer school day on behalf of all children in our system should this go before a court.


The IELRB will have to make a request to the Attorney General on today's decision. A judge will then have to be petitioned and the case won before that judge in circuit court in order for the Pioneer Schools to roll back the time they've added.


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