Teamsters Local 700 Ratifies Five-Year Contract With CPS 

Contract Includes Prevailing Wage and City Wellness Program for Members


October 10, 2012


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) today announced that a new five-year agreement has been ratified by the Teamsters Local 700 membership. Teamsters Local 700 represents motor truck drivers, foreman-motor truck drivers and power truckers working in CPS.

“I am pleased that the members of the Teamsters Local 700 have ratified this contract, and we can now move forward with a solid foundation for long-term collaboration,” said CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard. “We thank each member of the Teamsters Union for their dedication to Chicago Public Schools and the students of our great city.”


Contract negotiations between CPS and Teamsters Local 700 began in July and culminated with ratification by its members. Contract highlights include:


  • Short-Term Disability and Maternity Leave: Teamsters Local 700 members will move away from an antiquated sick day policy that ultimately penalizes employees who become sick or pregnant. CPS will provide members with access to a fair benefits system by offering Short-Term Disability, which includes, for the first time ever, maternity leave coverage.
  • Wellness Plan for Members: Teamsters Local 700 members will enroll in the City of Chicago’s Wellness Program, Live Healthy Chicago. Under the program, the union will partner with CPS on a wellness plan to help motivate members to focus on their health and adopt better and healthier life choices. This is the same plan recently adopted in other labor agreements, and applies to all CPS Central Office employees as well.  
  • Prevailing Wage as Established by IDOL: Prevailing wages will continue to apply to all members as established by the Illinois Department of Labor. Members of Teamsters Local 700 will be paid no less than the general prevailing rate of wages (consisting of hourly cash wages plus fringe benefits) for work of a similar character in Cook County.


In recent months, CPS has reached agreements with IUOE Local 143, IBEW Local 134, SEIU Local 1, SEIU Local 73 and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). Just last week, members of the CTU ratified a contract with CPS that puts the academic needs of the District’s children first by ensuring a full, quality school day and year, providing teachers with new professional development supports and a fair raise, securing principals’ responsibility to hire of their own staff and maintaining high-quality school options for parents. 


To learn more about this agreement and the collective bargaining process, the public can visit the CPS collective bargaining website.


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