Statement by Chicago Board of Education President David Vitale 

September 16, 2012


We are extremely disappointed that after ten months of discussion, and reaching an honest and fair compromise, that the CTU has decided to continue their strike of choice and keep children out of the classroom.


As you know, school began on August 13th as the parties continued to negotiate.  There is no reason why our kids can't be in school while the union reviews the agreement. Just as we have said this is a strike of choice, this has become a delay of choice. Our kids cannot be used as pawns in internal union disagreements. Every day the students are out of the classroom is a day our kids lose.


Even as the CTU has chosen not to return to the classroom, we will continue to meet our responsibilities to our children and their parents. Tomorrow, our 147 Children First sites, in addition to parks and neighborhood organizations, will provide full-day services for any child that needs them. While the CTU continues to delay ending their strike, we will do whatever is needed to support parents and children. We know that the vast majority of our teachers want to be in the classroom as do we. We all need to put our children first. 

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