Two More Schools Vote for a Longer Day, While First Two Schools Vote Down Waiver 

Fiske and Howe Elementary become the latest schools to move to a longer day


September 15, 2011


Teachers at two schools voted in support of waivers that will add 90 minutes of instructional time to their day for more reading, math, science and enrichment programs like art, music and physical education to help boost student achievement at their schools. The addition of these two schools brings the total numbers of schools participating in the Longer School Day Pioneer Program to nine. Two schools also voted down waivers that would extend the day becoming the first schools to do so since CPS announced this initiative on September 6.


Schools voting in favor of waivers to extend their school day include:


  • John Fiske Elementary School, 6145 S. Ingleside Ave. – 60% of teachers in favor (12 yes, 8 no); September 26 start
  • Julia Ward Howe Elementary School of Excellence, 720 N Lorel Ave, – 87% in favor (33 yes, 5 no); October 17 start


Schools voting against waivers to extend the day include:


  • Johnnie Colemon Elementary Academy, 1441 W. 119th St. – 45% of teachers in favor (9 yes, 11 no)
  • Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy, 1903 E. 96th St. – 47% of teachers in favor (8 yes, 9 no)


The approved waivers to the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Chicago Public Schools and CTU would add 90 minutes of instructional time to their school days.  Passage of waivers require 50% + 1 of all bargaining unit members. The waiver process includes the principal and the school union representative agreeing to language in the waiver; all bargaining unit members then vote by secret ballot; and finally the union rep and principal jointly count the ballots and the verify the vote.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard and CPS Board President David Vitale released the following statement:


Teachers across CPS continue to embrace the longer school day as a means to boost student achievement and we’re grateful for the commitment they are making to children throughout our system who need more time in the classroom with their teachers.  For teachers that didn’t vote in favor of extending their day, we respect their decision and commend them for taking the time to engage in a discussion about the longer school day. This is a critical dialogue that we are encouraged to see is happening with teachers and school leaders across the district as we prepare for a longer school day for all students in CPS during the 2012/2013 school year.”


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