CPS CEO Brizard Tours von Linne Elementary Where New Art, Music and Science Opportunities Are Highlights of Full School Day 

Full School Day will give von Linne students more time in reading and math and new exposure to fine arts


August 30, 2012


Today Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Jean-Claude Brizard visited Carl von Linne Elementary to preview some of the exciting new features planned for the launch of their Full School Day. New discretionary funding provided to schools throughout the District to support the full day allowed von Linne to expand its music program by purchasing 135-brand new instruments, as well update and buy new equipment for a science lab and fully stock a new classroom library. Principals across the District have been given the resources and flexibility to structure a quality school day that best meets the unique needs of their student body.


Since reaching a landmark agreement with the CTU on the full day in July, which included the addition of 477 new teaching positions, more than 140,000 kids who started school in August have been in the classroom benefiting from more quality time with their teachers. More than 250,000 CPS students will begin the Full School Day with the start of Track R schools on Sept. 4.


It’s inspiring to see the amazing and creative ways this school has used the additional time and resources of the Full Day to benefit students and better support their learning,” said CEO Brizard. “It is apparent that the Students here at von Linne have a lot to look forward to when school starts next week.  We need to ensure that the students here and across the District are able to stay in the classroom and continue the progress they are just starting to make with the Full School Day.”


To support student learning during the new full day, von Linne was able to use its additional discretionary funding and positions allocated through the Full School Day agreement to convert a part-time art teacher to a full-time position, hire a reading instructor who will focus on research studies and hire a part-time technology instructor. Principal Mackin also purchased new cameras and software to support a web design elective for 7th and 8th graders.


With the Full School Day, students at von Linne will receive a daily average of:


  • 15 more minutes in reading
  • 15 more minutes in math
  • 15 more minutes in social studies
  • 15 more minutes of art, gym, technology, dance and music
  • 15 more minutes of research studies
  • 25 more minutes of recess (previously students did not have time for recess)

Brizard joined Principal Renee Mackin, students and teachers on a school tour to see a renovated science lab and a fine arts room to see brand-new guitars that were purchased using extra discretionary dollars allocated for the Full School Day. All kindergartners at von Linne receive ballet instruction through a partnership with the Joffrey Ballet and Brizard viewed a performance by first graders who received lessons last year.


Yesterday CEO Brizard held a roundtable discussion with Track E principals from across the District to hear firsthand the positive impact the Full School Day has had on students and their school communities. 


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CPS CEO Brizard Tours von Linne Elementary
Photo gallery: CPS CEO Brizard Tours von Linne Elementary'