CPS High School Students Show Largest Growth on Record in PSAE Scores 

CPS ACT Composite Scores Highest on Record


August 22, 2012


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) today released data from the 2012 Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE) showing the District’s Meets/Exceeds (M/E) composite score is 31.0 percent, up 2.7 percentage points over last year, marking the largest growth on record.


“These gains are a result of the hard work our students are doing every day in the classroom, with the support of great teachers, dedicated principals, their families and communities,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “We must build on this great news by ensuring that every student is able to start school on time with a full school day so they can realize their full potential."


In addition to gains on the PSAE composite, CPS has seen gains in each subject area with an increase in M/E of 1.0 percentage points in reading, 2.8 percentage points in math and 4.4 percentage points in science.


“CPS students are making real progress, thanks to the hard work being done in classrooms across the city,” said CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard. “The new full school day and year provide additional tools and resources for teachers and principals to support our students and we must ensure our students have the opportunity to continue this momentum by starting on time on day one in every school."


The District also saw the highest composite ACT score on record at 17.6, with an increase of 0.4 scale score points over 2011. This is the largest growth the District has seen since 2004. The 2012 ACT data also indicated that 8.9 percent of CPS students met college readiness bench marks in all four tests (Reading, Math, Science, and English), which is up 1.0 percentage point from last year.


Kennedy High School, located at 6325 West 56th Street, saw the largest growth in the District in both the PSAE and ACT. With an increase of 13.7 percentage points from last year on the PSAE, 33.5 percent of Kennedy students now meet or exceed state standards.  Kennedy’s ACT score increased by 1.5 scale score points and the school’s average score is now 17.9.


Last week, CPS launched the Full School Day, moving students away from one of the shortest school days in the country to a school day that will put students on par with their peers across the nation. The Full School Day will give principals and teachers the time and tools they need to boost student learning.


Prior to the Full School Day, some principals and teachers were forced to choose between teaching reading and art or math and science. The Full School Day will now allow them time to do it all and do it well. For example, with the launch of the Full School Day, students at Lindblom Math and Science Academy and other high school students will have access to an additional full class period four days a week, such as AP Biology Lab, Writing Lab, Robotics, Dance or Music or ACT Prep.


The Full School Day includes the implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which will create a more rigorous curriculum to better prepare students for college and career. It also allows for a new instructional framework that will better support teachers to improve the quality of instruction delivered to students in the classroom. To further support schools in this process, the district added over $130 million in discretionary funding to give principals and school communities flexibility to create a quality, Full Day that best meets the academic needs of their unique student body.


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