Measures to cope with financial crisis approved 

Board members unanimously approved three resolutions and a policy amendment

June 15, 2010


Chicago Board of Education members today approved several measures aimed at confronting the District’s fiscal crisis that has resulted from significant cuts in state funding and delayed payments of more than $400 million in state aid. 


Board members unanimously approved three resolutions and a policy amendment at a specially called Board meeting. The vote followed a presentation by Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Ron Huberman detailing the dire financial situation facing the District. Board members also heard from members of the public prior to casting their vote.


Board members approved the following:


  • A resolution delegating authority to the Chief Executive Officer to honorably terminate/discharge tenured and probationary appointed teachers who are displaced as a result of cost-saving measures that are implemented to address financial necessities for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years. The resolution includes terminations/dismissals that result from increases in class size.


  • An amendment to a Board Report on class size policy that gives the Chief Executive Officer the authority to increase class sizes up to 35 students per class if necessary.


  • A resolution that the Board of Education has a reasonable expectation that it will be able to fund contractual wage and salary increases with CPS union members in fiscal year 2011.


  • A resolution authorizing establishment of a line of credit of up to $800 million due to uncertainty in state funding as well as current and potential further delays in state payments.

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